lunes, 11 de abril de 2011


Many times people have asked me which city I love more New York or Bilbao and I always respond it would be like asking who do I love more, my mother or my father. I love New York, it was love at first sight, but I miss my mother.

When I need to feel at home, away from home, I pay a visit to Yuhi Fujinaga. He is the chef at Bar Basque restaurant in the Eventi Hotel in Manhattan. Yuhi is a good man and a very good cook. He understands food. There are no esoteric ingredients in Yuhi’s dishes just a magical hand behind them. They are simple and focused, they taste the way they were meant to taste. He creates a full landscape where you hear the sounds and not necessarily the notes.

I am not a food critic, I am not a gourmet, but I do know about food because I grew up in the Basque Country and we are culturally predisposed to make a big deal about it. For Basques eating is a kind of national sport. My only patriotism is the love for the food that I ate as a child. Life is uncertain so I like to make sure that I eat first and when I go to the Bar Basque I am certain I will enjoy a great meal.

I know that Yuhi loves beer and fishing. I don’t know what kind of music he likes, so I am going to leave you with this Basque song that tells of a man who also misses  home.

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    We've got something, Japanese and Basque, that makes us feel close. I've never been physically in Japan, but I've felt its culture, its spirit, its soul so next to mine when I've read a book, seen a movie, looked at a picture, listened to a song. Yuhi, I'm looking forward to meeting your art.